that delivers results & enhances your lifestyle


Coaching that is effective and personal

informed by science & education, applied to you as an individual

A Personalised Approach

At the heart of my practice is you as an individual. I’m here as a guide and support in helping you to become a fitter, stronger, healthier you through a well-thought-out plan we’ll build together. In training with me you’ll learn how to apply some fundamental principles in fitness to your own goals, in your own way.

Strength Training

Strength forms the bedrock of results in training. That doesn’t mean you’ll be looking like Arnold overnight…but what it does mean is you’ll be more able both in and out of the gym. We start with where you are right now and build step by step so you’ll be moving well and getting seriously strong.

Sensible Nutrition

My approach to nutrition is first and foremost health focused. By that I mean creating a healthy relationship with food and how you manage what you eat to get the results you want. The way you eat is as much a part of your lifestyle as anything else, so you don’t have to worry about taking Tupperware everywhere with you if that isn’t your thing.



“My mission is to help people get the results they want and build a lifestyle that is enhanced by strength and fitness. My approach is informed by education in strength training and nutrition and tailored to meet you as an individual. So, you can forget about the latest celebrity fad diets and workouts, because this is about YOU”

Jack is a well-established Personal Trainer in the North East, currently based out of Pioneer Performance. As well as thousands of hours working with clients over the past 5 years, he has been there and got the t-shirt as an overweight teenager too. When working together you can guarantee a service that meets you where you are right now, shows you the path forward and helps you to achieve lasting results.

What should I expect from Jacked personal training?


A free consultation, so we can put a plan of action together for you.

A training and nutrition plan, tailored to your goals and lifestyle.

An approach that is designed to progress you at an appropriate rate…you’ll never be thrown in at the deep end.

Support, guidance and motivation throughout. I’m not just here to count reps, I’m here to stand in your corner and back you all the way.

To enjoy your training without sacrificing the important things you enjoy in life.

why do people put up with my average jokes and keep coming back?

Client Testimonials

“I don’t hate it enough to not come back…which sounds like a faint phrase, but is actually a pretty big deal. I have truly understood exercise isn’t easy for anyone and being out of breath, hot and sweaty, a bit rubbish some days etc. is just what everyone experiences. I have made progress, grown stronger and seen changes in my body not despite this but because of it.”


“Cannot recommend enough training with Jack. Over the course of 3 months I have lost 2 stone, got a lot stronger and immeasurably improved my diet. I learned how to properly track what I was eating and learned a lot about fitness in general. I had done several bouts of ‘fitness’ before, mainly just lifting in the gym, and thought I knew roughly what I was doing. However, after starting training with Jack I realised I was missing out a lot of major muscle groups and overtraining others. A major obstacle Jack helped me to overcome was persistent knee pain that had stopped me from doing much deadlifting. Jack was very useful in providing a warm up to begat this and very helpful in identifying faults in my form that were causing problems. What was also incredibly useful was that Jack provided different routines to use when work meant I wasn’t able to spend much time in the gym. It definitely wasn’t easy, but if you stick with it you’ll see amazing results.”


I started training not knowing much about what it actually was. I thought I’d walk into the gym and just start lifting heavy, whereas now I understand you need to build things up before jumping into new movements or anything heavy. The most enjoyable bit has been seeing the outcomes and feeling/looking a lot stronger. Least enjoyable was having to put the work in week in week out, but it’s worth the outcomes you want and you need to give your body time to grow. Training has only affected my life in a positive way, with things feeling lighter than they have ever felt and feeling strong enough to do things you previously couldn’t


“What has strength training done for me? Dare I say I had no particular knowledge of strength training, what it consisted of or how quick I would feel and see the benefit. For me, strength training has been a real confidence booster. Firstly, it has removed the long term occupational hip and shoulder niggles from typical desk work, driving and…ugh…age. My body feels more ‘engaged’ and even my balance seems to have improved! Yep…those stronger glutes! In truth, my whole body is becoming more sculpted and those wobbly bits…well certainly less wobble. It’s a real feel good factor!”



Get the results you deserve,

Get Jacked

1 to 1

Personal TRAIning

“The coolest moment is having complete trust that you will keep me progressing and safe, then discovering yet again I have got a personal best!”


Personal training will give you the most immersive experience and fast track your results. Working 1-to-1 will allow you to get the most out of coaching when it comes to training, nutrition and learning how to manage your lifestyle and achieve your goals. I’ve been to the place of feeling like efforts are a cycle of repeated starting and stopping. Working with me will guarantee your results, taking you above and beyond your expectations.

1 to 1

Next to 1-to-1, semi-private training can be a great way to go through your journey with a partner, friend or colleague.

It can be really motivating not only having your personal trainer for accountability, but someone who is sharing the experience too.



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